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Subscribe to Club 1899, AC Milan’s Premium Experience.
Amaze your clients, improve commercial relations and create business opportunities in the most important areas of San Siro stadium.



  • Your reserved seat with priority entrance for AC Milan home matches.
  • Dedicated portal for autonomous ticket completion.
  • Tax deductibility on part of the investment.
  • High level PR and invitation to AC Milan B2B events.
  • No territorial or fan card restrictions.
From players to fans.From Milan to the world.From players to fans.From Milan to the world.From players to fans.From Milan to the world.


The most elegant places that San Siro Stadium can offer, to live unforgettable moments through the Rossoneri colors. Refined Hospitality areas designed for the business world, dedicated hostesses, 5-star catering, convenient parking and assistance services.


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Are you a business, travel agency or an individual customer?

CLUB 1899 is AC Milan’s Premium Hospitality service.
A Club that is both exclusive and inclusive.
A Club you want to be a part of.
The Club you want to be a part of.
1899 because in order to build the best possible future, one must keep in mind its own history.

There are different types of memberships available based on the needs of businesses or individual customers. A membership to an hospitality area is aimed at both businesses and individual customers, and includes a seat at the stadium as well as a food & beverage service depending on the chosen hospitality. A membership to Premium Seats is aimed at businesses and includes a seat at the stadium in the first red or orange ring, with no food & beverage.

For a business, purchasing a membership to the hospitality areas of Club 1899 allows you to access various advantages including: access to the most exclusive seats in the stadium, different catering services based on your chosen hospitality, priority entrance and dedicated portal, highest level of PR, an opportunity to display your logo, tax deductibility on part of the investment and no territorial or fan card restriction.

For an individual, subscribing to Club 1899 guarantees a seat in the stadium during AC Milan home matches and a food & beverage service based on your chosen membership.

A business with a membership to Club 1899 can invite guests to watch the match, while it is not allowed to resell the membership, combine them with other products or services, or use them for other lucrative purposes.

There are two sales channels based on your chosen product, and the type of buyer you represent.

Businesses wishing to purchase a membership to Club 1899 can request information on our website at the following and they will be contacted by an AC Milan account.

Individuals wishing to purchase a membership to Club 1899 can browse, in the Club 1899 section.

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There are two types of memberships available for Club 1899: one is all-inclusive and includes all AC Milan home matches and any subsequent games in UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, and Coppa Italia Frecciarossa. The other type of membership is valid for 23 AC Milan home matches (19 Championship, 3 UEFA Champions League, 1 Coppa Italia Frecciarossa).

Both memberships excludes any final league matches.

A membership in one of our private suites grants access to the customer and his respective guests, while a membership to one of our lounges allows you to access a food & beverage area shared with other customers.

No, it is not possible to purchase access to the hospitality areas an an upgrade.

A disabled guest can access Orange Sky Lounge 1, Orange Sky Lounge 2 and Executive Lounge. The guest will also be able to watch the game from the special platforms located in the first orange ring.

Kindly inform us in advance at 02 62 284 545 and we’ll be happy to provide you further support.

Based upon the hospitality membership purchased, you may or may not have guaranteed parking. However, one may purchase additional parking on our website, under the ticketing menu.

There are three different types of parking available: outdoor parking, car valet, and underground parking.

Yes, you may purchase both a seasonal or match day additional parking pass directly through our website, under the ticketing menu. You may also purchase an additional match day parking pass at the parking entrance in Via Achille.

To access the stadium you must have a valid identity document and an match ticket. Without the above documentation, access to the stadium will not be allowed and the ticket will not be refunded.

Yes, all ticket holders must have a valid photo ID (identity card, passport or driving license).

We recommend arriving to the stadium when the gates are open because generally both public and private traffic is very busy.

We always try to provide priority access, however, due to the Covid-19 protocols or for logistical reasons this may not always be possible.

Yes, children are allowed in the hospitality areas of Club 1899.

Hospitality areas open approximately two hours before match kick-off for the pre-match service. The areas intended for post-match service open only after the whistle blow at the end of the match.

Post-match service consists of a food & beverage service open only and exclusively after the whistle blow at the end of the match. Please note, the room will only be accessible post-match.

There is no mandatory dress code. However, we suggest that you wear smart casual clothing.

Access to the hospitality areas during match halftime is only allowed for certain memberships in select hospitality areas.

For safety concerns, it is not possible to leave and re-enter the stadium despite being a guest in hospitality.

Access to the food & beverage areas is based on which Club 1899 membership is purchased. Certain memberships allow you to access the areas only pre-match, others only post-match, and others both pre-match and during halftime.

Continuous food & beverage service will only and exclusively be available in the Sky Boxes.

There are three different types of food & beverage services available: light buffet, buffet and placée seating. The service depends upon the membership purchased.

All the menus offered offer a wide variety of dishes and most dietary needs are taken into account in the design of the menus. All allergens will be clearly indicated in the composition of each dish.

It is not possible to have a customized menu, but the food & beverage staff will be able to support your requests and offer alternatives.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? 02 82 958 070

The call center is active every day from 9 am to 6 pm.